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Value-Added Services

Our value-added services continue with you after go-live.  These services ensure that your ERP is running optimally and continues to perform as expected as your business evolves over time.  A committed Account Manager will be your primary point of contact and will be pro-actively reaching out to you to find out how you are doing.  Our value-added services include the following:

Account Management

Our account managers pro-actively reach out to you and your staff to find out how things are going and where we can help.  They are there to serve you and keep your system up and running smoothly.

Personalized Support

Our support team provides personalized support by having full access to your project documentation and implementation team.  They know exactly how your system has been configured and customized to better support you, resulting in faster time to resolution.

Business Process Assist / Review

Our support, account management, and implementation team can help you review your current business processes and look for ways to improve them.  They can also make recommendations for additional configuration and/or customization.

Performance Monitoring

Our IT team can monitor your system performance to ensure it is operating efficiently and is automatically alerted when your system is performing at sub-optimal levels.  This allows us to pro-actively take corrective action.

Patches & Upgrades

Our IT team keeps your system up-to-date by periodically installing minor patches and fixes as they are released by the software vendor.  We assist with major upgrades and schedule them at times that work best for you.

ISV Review / Selection

Our sales team can help you review and select ISVs for third-party add-ons for your system as your business needs change over time.

As your company evolves over time, you will find the need to extend your ERP with additional modules, configurations, and/or customizations.  We are here to assist you, providing the professional services needed to help your company adapt and change as needed.