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Acumatica Business Management

Software (ERP)

At EIS, we exclusively help our customers install, configure, customize, and integrate Acumatica to help them better manage their business.  We are a Gold Certified and Premier Technology Partner.

More importantly, we structure our services so that we are there for the entire life of your software subscription as your business evolves over time.  This allows you to focus on your business while we help you behind the scenes meet the changing technology demands of your business.

"We made the decision in 2017 to exclusively offer Acumatica.  We chose Acumatica not only for their technology, but the unparalleled level of support we receive as a partner.  We love it so much we use it ourselves to run our own business."

- Brian Fletcher, EIS Chief Executive Officer


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Why Acumatica and EIS?



Acumatica believes that every staff member should have user access.  So Acumatica licenses by consumption instead of by user.  This allows unlimited users and ties licensing to system usage instead.



By adopting our services model, we can get you up and running in as little as 90 days.  This allows you to start realizing a return on your investment while continually improving and adding to your ERP over time.



Acumatica only sells its product through licensed and certified resellers.  We get to know you and your business, which is crucial as your business evolves over time and your ERP needs change.



Instead of paying for all of your services upfront, we structure of our services into a monthly subscription.  This makes your initial investment in ERP easier to digest.  0% financing options available for custom services for qualified candidates.



Acumatica is built for the cloud and grows with you.  Acumatica will be the last system you will need to learn.  Add modules at any time from either Acumatica or hundreds of Acumatica partners.



Whether usings tools like AcuSync, pre-built integrations, or APIs, if an Acumatica module cannot fulfill your business requirements, there are many ways to integrate Acumatica with other systems.  EIS specializes in building integrations with AcuSync.

Want to Learn More About the Acumatica Product?

Check out these videos from Acumatica.

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