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ERP Engagement Services

At EIS, we provide both Acumatica configuration and/or customization services for every engagement, depending upon your business needs.

Configuration involves setting up the native features and functions of Acumatica and requires the skillset of our trained and certified Acumatica specialists.


Customization involves extended Acumatica beyond its native features and functions and requires the skillset of our trained and certified Acumatica developers.

We adhere to a our proven 4D methodology to complete every engagement.  Your account manager is with you every step of the way, even after your engagement is complete and you transition to support.


"We apply this methodology on every customer engagement.  It's proven to be extremely effective to make sure our customers get exactly what they are asking for."

- Teresa Rekieta, EIS Director of Engagement

4D ERP Methodology

Business Team


During discovery, we meet with your staff to learn about their challenges and understand how they impact your business.  We listen to your ideas and spend time documenting your business requirements and share them with you to make sure we fully understand what you are asking of your system.  We leverage our expertise and our experience with other customers to engage in intelligent conversation with you and help you dream up and brainstorm new ideas.



During design, we meet with our architects and transform your business requirements and iterate with you on a functional design.  The proposed architecture is presented to you and you are walked through the design to confirm that it meets your business requirements.  Depending on the complexity, there may be one or more design rounds and discussions around pros and cons of different recommended approaches.  Our goal is to maximize configuration and minimize customization whenever possible.

Financial Report


During development, the functional design is handed off to our team of configuration specialists and developers to configure and customize your system.  As different components become available, we provide early access to you so you can begin to interact with the system and see the changes to the system as they evolve.  This iterative approach gives us feedback early on so we can adjust and make changes as necessary.

Startup Development Team


During delivery, all of the development comes together and the completed configuration and customization is presented for user acceptance testing in a sandbox environment.  Test cases are established.  Approved items are moved to production on a schedule of your choice, and items that require remediation are fixed and presented again for additional user acceptance testing before being promoted to production.

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