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Services for the ERP Journey

Continuous Engagement Model

At EIS, we believe that success with an ERP is a continuous journey that starts when you first begin using your ERP and continues onward as your company evolves and uses your ERP software over time.  This model ensures that your ERP continually meets the changing demands of your business.


This is why all of our services are subscription-based and adhere to our continuous engagement model.

We offer three distinct types of services, each catered to different needs that occur at different times during the ERP journey.



ERP Engagement Services

From the initial setup to ongoing changes in your business that require additional ERP configuration or customization, we engage with you on-demand at the moment the need arises.  We use our proven 4D Methodology to achieve this.  Think of this phase as traditional project-based services, but led by your Account Manager.


Integration Services

Once your engagement is complete, the new configuration or customization must be incorporated into your business operations.  This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the size of the engagement. Think of this phase as post-launch tweaking and support.

And, if you need to integrate other products with Acumatica, our AcuSync Integration Platform can help you do that.


Support Services

In-between engagements, we provide on-going support and account management based upon the level of service you desire.  Here we provide services around break/fix support, system maintenance, and most importantly tracking your backlog of requests for future engagements.  Then we engage again with you when you are ready.

"Success with ERP is a journey.  Our continuous engagement model provides companies a faster ROI on their ERP investment by getting them up and running in as little as a few months.  Then we pivot and adjust your ERP as your company evolves over time."

- Art Ardolino, EIS VP Services

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