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Add-On Modules

In addition to the modules Acumatica offers to support the needs of different types of businesses, Acumatica has over 200 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that have partnered with Acumatica and have created additional solutions to address more specialized business needs.

Below you will find a list of add-on modules created by Acumatica partners that we have a working relationship with.  These modules come highly recommended by our customers.


"It is important for us to establish working relationships with partners that offer Acumatica add-on modules.  This allows us to work together with the partner and our customer to meet their needs.  Great technology must have a great partner behind it to support it."

- Teresa Rekieta, EIS Director of Engagement

Our Recommended Partners


"When customers require document management, we recommend PIQNIC.  With direct linking from within Acumatica, you can easily find documents related to individual records or transactions with a single click."


"SPS Commerce is our go-to partner for EDI Integrations.  While AcuSync can be used for custom EDI solutions, SPS Commerce is specifically designed for EDI and handles all changes for you automatically."


"When companies have to deal with multiple states, jurisdictions, and different types of sales tax, our customers use Avalara.  Acumatica natively supports Avalara out-of-the box.  It's a great choice for sales tax management."

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