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Electonic Data Interchange (EDI)

One of our specialties is helping companies configure and integrate ERP to streamline purchasing, receiving, ordering, and shipping operations with third-parties.  These companies work with large vendors like Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot that demand Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to purchase and sell product.

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The vendors you deal with demand that information be exchanged in an electronic format.  This is for both purchasing and sales activity, including placing orders, receiving, and shipping product.


Order management is necessary on both the purchasing and sales side of your business.  Orders may be fulfilled in-house, with a third-party, or drop-shipped from another vendor.



Having accurate information around inventory and sales is critical to forecasting, planning, and purchasing.  It is necessary to make informed decisions and minimize inventory costs.


If you sell directly to your end customer (B2C), you may have a web store that requires integration with your order management and inventory system to process orders and keep customers informed of order status.



Inventory is stored either in your own warehouse, a third-party logistics company, or is stored a retailer distribution centers.  Accurate information is necessary to keep up with supply and demand as well as the demand of your vendors.


Integration is required with all third-party vendors, in particular with using EDI standards to communicate data in real-time.  Other integrations may also be needed for other business processes.


"We deliver EDI solutions to customers by partnering with SPS Commerce.  While we focus on order and inventory management, SPS focuses on data exchange for your suppliers and vendors. SPS is fully integrated into Acumatica, making it easy for our customers to manage."

- Brian Fletcher, EIS Chief Executive Officer

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