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Acumatica Custom Integrations

One of our specialties is helping companies build custom integrations with Acumatica.  Often times companies use verticalized or proprietary solutions that must be integrated.  Or companies have a commercial product that they use, but cannot find a native way to integrate it.  Our AcuSync Integration Platform allows us to build new integrations in a little as a few weeks that are configurable, manageable, and upgradable.

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Do Any of These Sound Like Your Company?


"We have a proprietary system that we've built and is part of our product/service offering.  It is critical that this data be linked to our financials and business operation automation."


"We use a specialized system to analyze data and create reports for our customers.  We need our ERP to manage orders and billing and have it integrated with our other system to fulfill orders."


"We found a cloud-based solution system that we really like, but we cannot seem to find a pre-built integration.  We would like to integrate it with our ERP to eliminate duplicate data entry."


"We've tried a pre-built/native integration, but it does not work correctly because our systems are customized.  We need a configurable, flexible, and reliable integration with our ERP."


"EIS specializes in building software integrations with Acumatica. Whether its on-premise, cloud-based, homegrown, an app or a database, or has an API, we can build Data Providers for AcuSync in as little as a few weeks.  Then we use our AcuSync Integration Platform to configure, run, and manage those integrations."

- Jeremy Hornback, EIS Chief Technology Officer

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