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Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you, organized into different categories.

  • Does Acumatica include unlimited users?
    Yes. Acumatica believes that all employees need some sort of access to your ERP, regardless of their role, and does not want users of their product to have to limit access because of "per user" fees. Instead, Acumatica prices based upon consumption which corresponds to the number of commerical transactions per month. Note that Acumatica offers up to a 50% discount for small businesses that have 5-10 employees. This special discount does restrict the number of users that can be given access to your system. Unless you opt for this discount, all Acumatica editions include unlimited users.
  • What is consumption-based pricing?
    Consumption-based pricing is a special pricing model unique to Acumatica where you are charged based upon the average number of commerical transactions per month. A commercial transaction is either an AR invoice/payment or an AP invoice/payment. To calculate the number of commercial transactions you have, take the maximum of one of the following 4 transaction types: (1) AR invoices, (2) AR payments, (3) AP invoices, (4) AP payments. Whichever one is highest determines the number of commercial transactions you need per month.
  • How does Acumatica price their different editions?
    Every Acumatica instance starts with the core Advanced Financials module. From there, additional modules are added on depending on your business needs and are fully interchangable and installed independently (with a few exceptions, e.g. Advanced Inventory requires Order Management). Acumatica editions are simply a pre-packaged set of modules, and the pricing of one edition is the same as the sum of its individual modules. This allows you to select only the modules that you need and add on additional modules at any time. The editions are designed to align to your industry, providing you with the modules commonly used by other Acumatica customers like yourself.
  • Does Acumatica offer discounts and multi-year price-locks?
    Yes. Acumatica runs special promotions that change quarterly. All Acumatica licenses require an annual commitment, but we often are able to obtain a 3-5 year price lock. Discounts are negotiable and vary.
  • Does Acumatica bill annually or monthly?
    Both options are available. You can elect to either be billed monthly or billed annually. A 5% discount is automatically added if you elect annual billing. If you elect a monthly billing, an annual commitment is required.
  • What is the difference between an "ERP transaction" and a "commercial transaction"?"
    In Acumatica, there are two types of transactions, an ERP transaction and a commercial transaction. An ERP transaction is any sort of transaction you create in the system (e.g. a shipment, receipt, time entry, activity, invoice, bill, etc.). A commercial transaction is a special transaction that corresponds to income (e.g. invoices, payments) or expenses (bills, vendor payments).
  • How many commercial transactions are included with Acumatica?
    As of March 2021, Acumatica includes up to 3000 commercial transactions per month (1000 if you elect the small business discount). If additional commercial transactions are needed, you may add them to your license subscription as needed. They are available in small incremental packages, making it affordable to scale up your ERP as your company grows. As you add more commercial transactions, the processing power assigned to your instance increases.
  • Where is my Acumatica instance hosted?
    Acumatica offers both a public and a private cloud option. You can either have Acumatica host your instance in their public cloud (on AWS), or you can elect to host your own Acumatica instance on your own private cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure, some other hosting company, or on your own internal servers). Discounts available for private cloud hosting.
  • Are sandboxes included with Acumatica?
    Yes. Every customer gets a free hosted sandbox for 90 days, designed for you to test your system for an annual upgrade. In addition, you can create as many sandboxes as you want on your own servers or computers. Note that each sandbox is limited to 2 concurrent users at any given time. If you need more concurrent users for sandboxes, you can purchase special sandbox licenses available at a discount.
  • How often does Acumatica release new software?
    Acumatica has two major releases every year. Release 1 occurs in the spring and Release 2 occurs in the fall.
  • How do Acumatica upgrades work?
    Acumatica requires users to stay within two versions of the current version. You can choose to upgrade at any time during the year, whichever is best for you and your business. If you fail to upgrade and fall more than two versions behind, you can be charged additional fees. To avoid this, EIS coordinates with you to schedule at least one upgrade a year. All of EIS support packages include one annual upgrade. The level of assistance provided with that ugprade depends on the level of support you purchase.
  • Can I upgrade if I customize my Acumatica instance?
    Yes, as long as your Acumatica customizations adhere to Acumatica development standards. Any customization created by EIS is built by certified Acumatica developers that know how to build upgradable customizations. Although rare, it is possible that Acumatica may make a significant change to the ERP in their next major release that requires some customizations to be re-worked, depending on what was customized. Fortunately, many Acumatica customizations can be built without writing code, making them 100% upgradable.
  • If I start on one edition of Acumatica, can I easily upgrade to another?"
    Yes. All Acumatica editions are actually just a collection of individual modules that are packaged together and are interchangable. To upgrade between editions, you are simply just installing a license key that activates additional modules. There is no need to have to migrate your data between different Acumatica editions.
  • Does EIS provide product support for Acumatica?
    Yes, most definitely. At EIS, we believe that every customer needs a single point of contact (i.e. your Account Manager) to not only manage your projects/engagements but also provide you with support. This person knows everything about your business, how you operate, and how your system is configured, and is the best person for you to contact when you need help. We believe this model provides our customers with the quickest path to resolution. While you have the option to contact Acumatica support directly, they will not have the intimiate knowledge about your business like we do. And if for some reason we cannot answer your question, we will escalate to Acumatica on your behalf.
  • What is Continuous Engagement?
    Continuous engagement is part of our ERP implementation strategy. Instead of the traditional upfront implementation that takes 6-12+ months with a large price tag, we focus on your largest pain points first and get you up and running in as little as 3 months. At the same time, we are building a backlog of requests that are continually refined and prioritized and then implemented continuously over time. This is why our services are subscription-based, which can be accelerated at any time and adapts to your business as it evolves over time. Success with ERP is a journey, not a destination, and it must be continually refined as your business evolves over time to maximize its effectiveness. You can learn more about our model by clicking here.
  • What are Guru Rewards?
    Guru Rewards is our customer loyalty program. For every dollar spent with EIS on service-based subscriptions, you earn rewards which you redeem for services. While other companies offer service plans with a fixed number of hours per month (and you either use them or lose them), you can stack up your rewards and then use them at any time for any service you desire. Click here for more information about our Guru Rewards Program.
  • How are your services different than other Acumatica resellers?
    Our approach is uniquely different. Instead of a large upfront implementation that can take 6-12 months, we focus on the most critical issues with a goal of getting you up and running in as little as 90 days. Then, we structure our services so we work side-by-side with you throughout the entire life of your license subscription. This is really important because in order to be successful with ERP, your ERP must continually adapt with you as your business evolves over time. This is why we have a Continuous Engagement model and directly support all of our customers.
  • How does EIS launch a new ERP in as little as 90 days?
    We achieve this by focusing on your biggest pain points first and only setting up exactly what is absolutely critical for you to operate your business. Then we continually work with you after launch to introduce new features, functionality, and workflows into your business processes, building a backlog of business requirements that are continually refined and prioritized based upon current business needs.
  • Do all EIS customers have an Account Manager?
    Absolutely. Our Continous Engagement model is designed around each customer having a single point of contact for your initial engagements, support, and future engagements. It is why our model is so effective and successful. We would not have it any other way.
  • How quickly do you respond to support requests?
    All EIS customers have a guaranteed response time (SLA) of 24 hours. You can increase this to 4 hours or even 1 hour by upgrading your support plan. You can read more about our support services here.
  • What levels of support do you provide?
    We offer three different support packages that you can select from based upon your individual needs. Our Essentials Support package is included with all our Acumatica license/service subscriptions. We also have a Plus and Premier support package, which offers additional features like shorter SLA times, testing sandboxes, and different levels of upgrades. You can read more about our support packages here.
  • What is the hourly rate for services and does EIS offer discounts?
    As of March 2021, our list hourly rate is $195. And yes, we offer discounts. Our discounts on our services are structured based upon the number of hours you commit to at any given time (i.e. buy more, save more). In addition, we offer new customers an additional discount to prepay for services they will need during their first year with payment plans depending on the volume.
  • Do you offer financing options or payment plans?
    Yes, absolutely. We have a banking partner that we work with that can offer many different financing options. The most common is a 0%, 12-month loan. All loans, rates, terms and conditions are subject to credit approval. All loans must bundle your license and services together. For services only financing, we offer separate payment plans directly with EIS depending on the number of hours required.
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