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Welcome New Team Member!

Welcome home!  And welcome to your forever job!

At EIS, our team is our most important asset.  We want all of our team members to grow with us as a company and build great friendships along the way.  Some of the most important things to consider for your career and the company you choose to work with should be:

  • Overall happiness at work.  You need to enjoy coming to work everyday.  People need to be happy in their job.  Of course sometimes we have bad days, but that's not caused by the type of work we are doing.  Happy employees lead to happy customers.  Optimize for happiness, and success and profit will follow.

  • Teamwork is encouraged.  Great minds work better when they collaborate, rather than working individually.  

  • Family comes first.  We work to support our families, and the workplace needs to recognize and encourage that.  When issues arise, the company covers for the employee, not demand taking a phone call while they are on vacation or at a hospital.

  • Employees are respected.  Employees are people and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

  • Work becomes family.  Friendships are built at work that extend outside the workplace.  There is genuine care and concern for others.  No one is afraid to have a passionate discussion for fear of political ramifications.

  • Innovation.  People are encouraged to solve problems and come up with new solutions.  Change is encouraged and embraced to help make things better.

  • Saving for the future.  The company invests in their employees.  We will all get old someday, and we need a way to plan for our future.  Retirement, savings for college, etc.

  • Opportunity to grow.  You need to be able to explore your passions.  And if they change over time, we want to be able to adapt to those things.  Sometimes people start out doing one thing, and end up discovering they like doing something else.  Other times, people just need periodic change.  You don't want to be stiffed by hierarchy and ceremony.

  • Continued learning.  Learning needs to be encouraged.  We all need to learn in order to grow.  People learn in different ways.  Sometimes its whom you interact with.  Sometimes its tools.  Sometimes you just need time to learn.  Sometimes its training.  

  • Sense of ownership.  You need to feel like you are part of the company.  Its up to us to make the company the way that we want.

If this sounds like the kind of company you wish to work for, then look no further. If you are interested in an career opportunity at EIS, please complete the Contact Us form below.

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