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Our Team

Our team is our most important asset.  

We asked our staff to identify the strengths of each of their teammates.  We then compiled all the comments together and this is what they said...

Our Leadership Team




Chief Executive Officer

Brian is a visionary, opportunistic and a great conversationalist and knows how to get across to clients and partners.  He will take time to explain things thoroughly to anyone who needs help and is always available.  He is a kind and caring small business owner that really cares about his employees and his customers alike.  Brian and his executive team were able to sustain full functionality through the COVID pandemic.  He has challenged his team to continue to thrive in any opportunity that arises.  Brian has put together a great team!




Senior Solution Architect

Art is a strong and fair executive leader and an exceptional client advocate.  He motivates our team through his actions, leads by example, has incredible integrity when it comes to work that needs to be done as a team and individually.  He is extremely detailed and dedicated and is a process optimizer and logical problem solver.  He will take the time to explain things thoroughly to anyone who needs help and is an excellent trainer.  Art has that rare combination of accounting and technical expertise that makes his input on a project invaluable.  He has rich experience in Acumatica and if you should reach out to him anytime you are stuck and he will help.  He is the core of the EIS team.




Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy is an innovator and a skilled team leader.  He is always thinking about the future of the company, introducing new ideas, and asking for feedback from the team.  He is a charismatic and empathetic team player who is always willing to provide a lending hand, take time to listen, and translate technical jargon into laymen terms.  Jeremy would bend over backwards and do whatever needs to be done to help someone get what they need to be successful.  Jeremy can fix anything to perfection.  He will work through sickness, lack of sleep, pain – whatever it takes to get the job done.  Jeremy loves to get hands on to code whenever he gets a chance.




Director Business Development

Teresa is responsible for developing the company's growth through opportunities and partnerships.  When she is not out networking with potential clients, you can find her assisting the team with her knowledge and expertise for client needs and Acumatica functionality. Teresa is a critical thinker and will ensure roadblocks are met with efficient and valid resolutions for any project’s success.  She carries many roles within the company and exceeds your expectations no matter the capacity.  Teresa is a kind, fair, and skilled leader who will assist us through any project no matter the ask

Our Engagement Team

Dawn Skinner.jpg



Director of Engagement Services

Dawn is a caring, empathetic, supportive leader who is a jack of all trades.  She remains calm, skilled, and project focused no matter what issue may arise.  Dawn will ensure follow through on all client needs, support, and questions.  She is organized and knowledgeable about project processes and managing client expectations.   Dawn is a reliable team player and a planning mastermind.  She loves her dogs as much as she loves to help her team and clients succeed. Her approach to client relationships is beyond reproach.   Dawn will get the results you never knew you were looking for.




Account Manager

Isabella is a great team player and truly committed to her work.  She is the most analytical person on our team. She makes sure all the deadlines are met and takes pride in ensuring the highest standards for her clients. She is a hardworking and dedicated person.  Isabella has high energy, is well motivated, is eager to get involved, is extremely detailed, and is a pleasure to work with.  She intently listens to what is needed and then is always willing to help get the job done.  Isabella is exceptional at taking notes and understanding what needs to be done next.  She takes new challenges head-on and is not afraid to learn new things.



Account Manager

Rhi is an empathetic listener and a valuable team player.  She is always up for a laugh and is willing to lend others a hand no matter the workload.  Rhi has adapted a way of training clients and will ensure to gather information for any questions asked.  She is diverse with various projects and is well organized.  She is kind and eager to continue her knowledge in integrations and implementations.  Rhi is not afraid to ask questions and is always willing to take on a new challenge.



Project Manager

Bryan is a seasoned Project Manager with several years of experience with an unwavering attention to time, cost, and detail. He has honed his skills by successfully leading numerous projects related to product development. He consistently demonstrates foresight, by anticipating and preparing for potential obstacles. Working collaboratively with the team, Bryan ensures projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest possible standard. Above all, he is servant leader dedicated to building strong relationships with customers and providing exceptional service and support.



Account Manager

Melissa is extremely organized and helps clients with small process questions to the more elaborate processes.  Her experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems encompasses the entire product life-cycle process, she is an agent of change. She is eager to help clients get through the challenges of implementing a new system and reaping the benefits of new technology. Melissa is not afraid to ask the hard questions to ensure full scope of issues are met.  She digs in with the information given and builds out the solution.  Melissa is very understanding of project restraints and gives clients the best functionality within the project budget. 



Finance Intern

Bryce is an upcoming graduate of Texas Tech University pursuing a Finance degree. Passionate, dependable, efficient, and personable are a few words to describe Bryce. He stays cool, calm, and collected when working through a problem and works well under pressure to get jobs done proactively. Bryce always takes the time to listen, learn, and accommodate others' needs. He is no stranger to putting the team's needs before his own and knows how to prioritize his obligations. Bryce is intuitive and always willing to learn something new.

Our Technical Team




Customer Support/IT

JC is very experienced with technical support, is a skilled IT problem solver, and has warm people skills.  He is always willing to pitch in and help and is so easy to work together with.  He has expertise and knowledge in the field and the way he handles client issues is genuinely remarkable.  JC is very upfront and transparent with other team members, will always take time to listen and assist with resolving issues, and is very calm and easy to talk to.  He presents himself as a resource for others to lean on and is always willing to help others. No task is too big for JC!




Acumatica Developer

Krunal is a code genius!  He is always willing to help to the team and train them the ways of the Jedi.  Although he may be located half a world away, he will adjust his schedule to accommodate the clients and team.  Krunal is a detail-oriented individual who will stop at nothing to complete any task handed his way.  His calming tone has a way of destressing any complicated scenario we may bring him.  Krunal is a dedicated and dependable developer that can turn any technical “want” from concept to a tangible result.  Krunal is always ready to jump in and help in a pinch when needed.  Krunal is extremely smart and will help us to achieve greatness within our organization





Joel has a curious young mind and is willing to take on and assist on any challenge.  He is always ready to jump in and help where needed.  Joel has a kind heart and a sincere way about him.  Joel is also active in the military and recently returned to EIS after being deployed for a year.  He is hard working and solution driven, and he loves learning new technology and mastering it. Joel is a self-starter!




Acumatica Developer

Vlad is an extremely intelligent developer and knows a lot about Acumatica.  He asks great clarifying questions and is able to take a technical requirement and turn it into something tangible.  He works like magic - you just hand something over to him and he turns it around quickly.  He is a man of few words, but boy is he efficient at using them!  Vlad helps out with some of our most complex technical challenges and if there is a missing use case that someone didn't think about, he usually finds it.  We are very grateful to have Vlad as part of our team.

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