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Acumatica Commercial Integrations

One of our specialties is helping companies build integrations with commercial products that do not already exist on the marketplace.  When this happens, we assess the reusability of the integrated product and share the development cost with our customers, knowing that we can use that same integration to help other customers.  Our AcuSync Integration Platform allows us to build new integrations in a little as a few weeks that are configurable, manageable, and upgradable.

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Here are some of the Commercial products we've helped our customers integrate with Acumatica


"When we upgraded from QuickBooks to Acumatica, we were using WooCommerce and did not want to replace it.  Instead we wanted our existing Wordpress/WooCommerce site integrated with Acumatica."


"We were integrating Magento with Acumatica using another software vendor, and we constantly had issues with data syncing.  AcuSync helped us eliminate those problems and now our data syncs cleanly and easily."


"Our company performs laboratory testing as a service.  We decided on Lockbox LIMS and Acumatica to run our business, but no pre-built integration existed.  AcuSync helped us integrate it with Acumatica."


"The native Salesforce integration that Acumatica offers did not work for us because our Salesforce instance is customized.  Using AcuSync, we were able to integrate the exact data we needed between Salesforce and Acumatica."


"We exchange custom data and EDI files with many third-party vendors and partners with specialized data formats.  Using AcuSync and Amazon S3, SFTP, and FTP, we can integrate these files easily with Acumatica."


"We run a services company with hundreds of employees and we use ADP for payroll.  When we upgraded from Dynamics SL to Acumatica, we wanted to keep ADP as an outsourced payroll provider.  AcuSync helped us do that."


"We fell in love with Acumatica, but we needed a more robust document management system, and we found PIQNIC with the help of EIS.  AcuSync proposed a solution that allows us to use both systems seamlessly together."


"We had Steele Consulting build us a custom portal for our employees and customers.  When we upgraded from Dynamics SL to Acumatica, we needed our Steele portal integrated.  EIS proposed an integrated solution with AcuSync."


"The manual download/upload ACH batch approach to bill payments was too time-consuming for us.  EIS proposed a solution with AcuSync to approve and pay bills electronically in Acumatica using's API."

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"We use Acumatica project accounting to manage our services business, but needed a tool to track and manage our clients work.  AcuSync syncs our Acumatica projects with DevOps so we can manage our customer backlogs."


"We were spending hours each day importing data for 26 different bank accounts.  Using AcuSync, our bank transactions are automatically imported." (Acumatica liked the technology so much that they bought it from EIS)


"Whenever we have an opportunity to build a new commercial integration, we assess the reusability and offer discounts to our customers.  This reduces the cost to build new integrations for our customers."

- Jeremy Hornback, EIS Chief Technology Officer

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