As an ERP implementer, reseller, partner, and service provider, it is extremely important for us to be able to provide ERP software that meets all of the selection criteria to our customers.  Our customers must be successful with their ERP and grow with their ERP as their business evolves over time.  Most importantly, the ERP vendor must genuinely care about their partners and customers and is quick to respond, help, and innovates when needed.  Because of this, Acumatica is our number one choice when recommending an ERP solution.

We believe in "drinking our own champagne".  Which is why we also use Acumatica to run our own business.  And we love it!  Because we are a services-based organization, project accounting is very important to us.  Our billing models are complex, and our revenue and expenses must be accrued, deferred, and recognized at the appropriate time.  We need to be able to budget for our projected revenue and costs and monitor our budgeted/actual amounts over time to ensure our projects are being managed properly.  Time tracking and expense management are also very important to our organization.  With Acumatica, we are able to do most of the things we need out-of-the-box, with little customization.  We used Acumatica's platform to build custom integrations with other products such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Project, which helps us manage our projects and communicate effectively among our staff and with our customers.

Acumatica has been extremely good to us, right from the start.  They have a wonderful mature partner program, and they treat their partners right.  We have access to the people we need when we need them, and help is just a phone call or email away.  With the Acumatica partner portal, we are able to easily certify and train our staff, obtain sales and marketing materials to help better serve our customers, and obtain product support.  We are extremely impressed at how Acumatica services their customers, too.

Acumatica's pricing models are unique in the marketplace, and they are directly inline with our mission to help companies grow and succeed.  By only charging customers from what they use instead of charging per user fees, it enables everyone in the organization to have access to the ERP.  This is a wonderful thing, and it is the way it should be.  Other ERP vendors charge per user fees in addition to other fees, which results in companies only granting access to a select group of users.  Imagine trying to do your job but not having access to the system that helps you run your business - very frustrating and inefficient.

Acumatica's deployment model is great.  Not only do users have the choice to purchase a subscription, private cloud hosting, or perpetual licensing, but its extremely easy to switch between them.  What this means for us as an implementer is that we can easily run Acumatica locally for configuration and customization purposes, and provide a true deployment progression between environments for development, quality control, and user acceptance testing, all before deploying to a production environment.  No other ERP has the ability to take a snapshot of your system and within minutes, setup a cloned copy of your ERP for development or testing (with or without your data).  Truely remarkable, and makes for a wonderful experience with our customers.

Having complete access to the Acumatica code-base and data model is a huge time saver.  As an implementer and certified developer on the Acumatica platform, its extremely helpful to be able to see the original source code, debug the running system, and track the back-end databases.  This allows us to solve problems faster, customize the system more efficiently, and helps us find solutions to bugs, which we can then forward along to the Acumatica development team and create workarounds for, if needed.  

Acumatica has more than 4,000 customers globally, and is growing rapidly.  They are a leader in the ERP space, and overall they are a great company to work with.  It's truly an amazing product.  We love Acumatica, and we hope that you will, too.