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Integrate Salesforce with Acumatica

Utilizing AcuSync to integrate between Acumatica and Salesforce has transformed the user experience by enabling seamless data exchange and synchronization between the two systems.

An integration allows for real-time or scheduled data synchronization between Acumatica and Salesforce. Once you identify the system of record, the sync will ensure that customer data, sales orders, inventory levels, invoices, and payments can flow between the two systems automatically, maintaining data consistency and reducing manual data entry efforts.

The integration enables seamless business processes across Acumatica and Salesforce. For example, when a new customer is added to Salesforce, the integration can automatically create a corresponding account in Acumatica, ensuring that both systems have consistent and up-to-date customer information, thus reducing manual errors.

Sales teams using Salesforce can access relevant data from Acumatica, such as inventory availability, pricing, and order status. This visibility into the backend ERP system helps sales representatives provide accurate and timely information to customers, improving the overall customer experience.

Integrating Acumatica and Salesforce allows for consolidated reporting and analytics. By combining data from both systems, you can gain comprehensive insights into sales performance, customer behavior, financial metrics, and more. These insights enable data-driven decision-making and help identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

EIS has taken the native functionality of Acumatica to the next level to enhance your ability for data mapping, workflow automation, real-time synchronization, and error handling. Our solutions will improve your operational efficiency across multiple systems while continuing to reduce your needs on manual efforts.


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