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Using Acumatica Data Providers for Custom Integrations

One of the hidden gems of Acumatica is the ability to build custom integrations by creating Acumatica data providers. If you have ever used Import or Export Scenarios in Acumatica, chances are you have used Acumatica's Excel or CSV data providers. But did you know that Acumatica data providers are designed to connect Acumatica directly to external systems using their APIs?

Acumatica has a very extensive framework for automating the import and export of data. Using Import Scenarios, you can take data from any data provider and create step-by-step instructions to enter incoming data into Acumatica as if you were keying it yourself. Using Export Scenarios, you can take data from within Acumatica and identify which data to send out to a data provider. If you expand Acumatica's data providers to connect directly to external systems, Acumatica can import and export information between external systems incrementally and in real-time.

Although custom data providers and Import and Export Scenarios provide many of the features needed to connect Acumatica to external systems, Acumatica is natively lacking key features to successfully manage and monitor real-time integrations. This is why we extended Acumatica with our AcuSync Integration Platform, adding features like Integration Health and Visibility, Error Quarantine, Advanced Translations, and Logging to Acumatica. AcuSync runs embedded within Acumatica and requires no additional third-party hosting or middleware.

We help our customers everyday by building new data providers to integrate Acumatica to many different systems. Over the years, we have built up a library of data providers that can be used to connect Acumatica to many different commercially available applications, such as Magento, WooCommerce, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Azure DevOps. We also build new data providers everyday, especially when we come across a system that we have not heard of before, is highly specialized for a particular industry, or is custom home-grown technology.

Customers that are more tech-savvy (e.g., companies that have their own development team) can build their own data providers and then use them with AcuSync to take advantage of the added AcuSync functionality to manage and run their integrations. This gives them complete control over the connection between Acumatica and their external system. The majority of our customers have us build data providers for them.

If you are interested in integrating Acumatica with other systems, whether they are commercially available, highly customized, or completely custom, please reach out to us by emailing or and we will be happy to discuss integration possibilities with you.


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