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Witherite Law Group: QuickBooks Migration to Acumatica

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Witherite Law Group (WLG) engaged with EIS requesting help for migrating their QuickBooks data to Acumatica. Their law firm consists of many legal entities that were being managed in separate QuickBooks files. It was extremely important for them to have all financial data in Acumatica because their clients' cases can last several years and the exact details are needed whenever a case settles. Without this data in Acumatica, it would make tracking and settlement processes more time consuming.

Originally, WLG tried importing all their QuickBooks transactions as journal entries. After reviewing the imported data, they discovered that this would not work for them, because although the Trial Balances would be correct, it would be very difficult to identify what happened with any particular transaction (e.g. when and where bills were paid, the individual details of each transaction including the client or vendor it related to, etc.). WLG wanted to be able to easily see the history of any transaction which was not possible with a journal. This audit trial is extremely helpful and necessary when having to report and justify expenses.

We were able to customize our existing AcuSync migration tools to import QuickBooks transactions like Invoices, Payments, Credit Memos, Bills, Bill Payments, and Vendor Credits into Acumatica Equivalent and apply them correctly so that the AR and AP subledgers matched QuickBooks. There were several challenges that needed to be overcome during this migration, including changes to the chart of accounts, the conversion of QuickBooks classes to Acumatica subaccounts, as well as dealing with intercompany balancing between entities. In addition, sub-customers and classes in QuickBooks needed to be converted to projects (i.e. client cases) as the way they were recorded client case data in QuickBooks changed over time. We were able to use AcuSync to setup these translations and have different logic for periods of time. Once the migration was tested and validated, all of the data was imported within a few weeks and then a final delta migration was imported just before launch in September of 2020. We imported almost four years of historical data and each accounting period, including the AR and AP subledgers, were matched to the penny.

At the same the data was being migrated, we were also preparing for launch by configuring things such as intercompany account mappings, approval workflows, and custom reports that were required for go-live. We also created several import scenarios so they could continue to import data from their case management system (Needles).

Now that WLG is live on Acumatica, we adopt our Continuous Engagement Model to help WLG move forward on their ERP journey. We are now actively working on our next engagement, which is the integration of Needles with Acumatica. Needles is used by WLG's staff to manage all aspects of their client's cases, including time and expenses, and is designed specifically for law firms. Based upon their requirements, it made sense for WLG to continue to use Needles and integrate it with Acumatica. As of today, we are gathering requirements for this integration and creating side-by-side screen mappings from both Needles and Acumatica so users can verify exactly how they want these systems integrated. We will share the success of this integration once WLG launches it using AcuSync later this year.

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